iSpring's PowerPoint to HTML5 Technology


The HTML5 technology allows sharing interactive,
rich media content on the Web. You can turn the
most advanced PowerPoint presentations into
HTML5 to enjoy them on iPads, mobile devices
and modern browsers.

Take advantage of HyperPoint technology in
iSpring products and make you presentations
available to millions of users worldwide!

  iSpring HyperPoint Products

HyperPoint Showcase

Check out the most sophisticated features of PowerPoint, supported by iSpring’s HyperPoint
technology. After accurate conversion to HTML5, these features will look and work exactly
as in PowerPoint.

PowerPoint animations


Virtually all animations – even the most complex ones – are accurately preserved in HTML5.

PowerPoint transition effects


HyperPoint maintains virtually all slide transitions, including 3D effects, with precise accuracy.

PowerPoint trigger animation


Interactive PowerPoint triggers are fully supported after PowerPoint to HTML5 conversion.

PowerPoint fonts and effects

Fonts and Effects

Presentation's fonts and effects keep their original appearance in the HTML5 format.

HTML5 presentations with video


Embedded video is accurately preserved and configured for playback on a larger range of devices.

HTML5 presentaions with audio


Audio files embedded into PowerPoint are fairly supported after conversion to HTML5.

Start converting your interactive PowerPoint presentations
to HTML5 now!
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